Dogs have emotions

It's been half a year since we're talking on the phone every day, we see each other on computer or even once a month I go home to visit him. He's happy, naughty, spoiled and very smart.

In connection with the previously articles about canine intelligence, dogs can learn our language and a number of words depends on how much you talk with them. It is important that every time explain what is happening, what you do, you are going to do and say the words understandable and repetitive to help him to learn. I do not mean that he will repeat after you and will talk :))). No way, i'm not crazy.  As he learn our language, we must learn what they "say".

Puficel is a Super Dog! He knows over 160 words and signals, and my story today made ​​me share with you this.

As I said, by a half a year he stays with my parents and we meet only once a month or we talking on Skype. Because I'm very attached by him, I want to see him every day and I learned my mother to use Skype. And so, every day, I call, she answers, I open my webcam, Puficel see me and he reacts to what I tell, he recognize my voice and looks to the webcam as he want to sent me all his love and his emotions. I'm not crazy :) . These things just happend.

Today, as in any other normal day, I sat at the laptop and I called my mother on Skype. Because it does not answered, I thought it  is busy and not hear the speakers. So I went into her computer with TeamViewer software (software to control a remote computer, easy to use, only with the owner's consent, of course! ) and I clicked on the Answer with Webcam.  There was nobody in the room. I shouted. Nothing. I shouted at the Puficel and I heard a few "meows" in the room. He was ! I insisted. He barked a little bit and I've seen him how jumped on the desk chair. Immediately, I opened my webcam. What do you think? He reacted? Of course! Because for 1 year and half I talked to him there, the office, is familiar for him to hear me from a box and see me on a monitor. Now he knew there had to look there if I shout.

Once he saw me on the monitor, climbed on the desk, and put his nose on screen. I had a conversation with him ... in our "language" as follows:

Question: Where is Grandma?
Reaction: he turned his head towards the door of the room.
Question: Did you eat today?
Reaction: he licked his nose.
Question: It's still early. Why you are not sleeping?
Reaction: a yawn.
Question: You're good boy, right? Be a good boy!
Reaction: he sat slept and murmured as he usually does when is spoiled
Final: Be ​​a good boy, Puficel ! Ok? A good dog ! Now go. Bye! Bye!
Reaction: he waited until the image on my monitor disappeared  (I closed my webcam), waited until he doesn't heard anymore sounds from the speaker (I turned off my microphone), then sighed and went down on the floor..

No one was home. My parents left home about half an hour. My dog, Puficel, was home alone and just gave me a lesson on what it means to know to understand your interlocutor and to know how to convey emotions / feelings. We are waiting for your opinions. Tell us if you have ever had such moments....or at least, tell us your opinion/story. My story it's real !
Ham-Bye !

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